9 Video Game Demos That Totally Lied To You

Nothing but bull.

Killzone 2
Guerrilla Games

Though traditional video game demos have been a dying breed for many years due to the resources required to create them and the adverse effect they can have on sales, developers these days tend to reveal more extensive gameplay demonstrations at feted trade shows such as E3.

A large chunk of gamers are left entirely cold by glossy CGI trailers, so showing off a 10-minute vertical slice of gameplay instead can be a great way to sell a game.

However, we should all know by now never to trust a developer or publisher on their word, and as history dictates time and time again, they'll spin whatever lies they can get away with in order to secure your precious pre-order.

These 9 demos of highly anticipated video games, be they E3 gameplay reveals or even the rare demo you could actually download to your console, misled potential customers by suggesting a far more visually appealing, cinematic and feature-rich experience than was finally delivered.

Most of these games aren't bad at all in fairness, and some are even pretty great, but they're nevertheless infamous examples of the manipulative lengths of video game marketing in the pursuit of cold, hard cash.

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