9 Video Game DLCs That Ruined Perfect Endings

Just leave it alone, you'll ruin it.

assassins creed odyssey

Even for the best video games, more isn’t always better. That’s especially true when said video game totally sticks the landing with its ending and then just keeps going.

There are games like BioShock that fumble the ball with a perfect ending in the original game that doesn’t actually represent the end point, so you end up ambling toward the credits roll with far less impact. Then there are games that end brilliantly only for their phenomenal finales to be undermined with story DLC that either undermines the ending, is contradictory to the story so far, or just doesn’t fit within the tone established by the original game’s final moments. To be fair to the developers, often DLC is forced in as a marketing tactic and it’s very tricky to continue the story without undermining the ending somewhat.

We should point out that many of the DLCs on this list aren’t bad at all, in fact some are fantastic, but they do undermine the perfect endings of their base games. Of course, we are talking endings here so keep watch for spoilers.



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