9 Video Game Enemies That Help You Defeat Them

Very kind of you to throw me those bullets, good chap!


In Skyrim, you can pay a particularly skilled individual with money to quickly help you train up one of your skills. There is literally the opportunity to pay a Pickpocket Trainer to level up your pickpocketing skill, and then immediately raise your skill again organically by pickpocketing the trainer, stealing your own money back.

This same kind of incredible irony can often be found in video game enemy and boss fights, wherein we end up defeating the villain using their own weapon, or the very attack that they are attempting to finish us off with.

This type of trope is often referred to as the enemy being 'hoisted by his own petard' - a phrase derived from Shakespeare's Hamlet - wherein a villain's own weapon or malicious plan is the cause of their own downfall, or death. It's a wonderful, entertaining irony, especially when the method is unconventional. A lot of bosses require it, but now and then an opportunity comes along that you just can't help but exploit.

From playing tennis with the boss’ bullets, to quite literally using pieces of the boss itself to turn against them, this kind of kill always feels incredibly satisfying. What better way to teach the big baddies to treat others as they would wish to be treated?

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