9 Video Game Good Guys You Knew Were Villains All Along - Commenter Edition

Not believing this for a second.

Most video games are made up of characters who fall into the good guy or bad guy category, but occasionally a narrative will pull the rug out from under you when you learn someone who seemed like they were on your side never was.

Of course, this is less impressive when you saw the rug pull coming from a million miles away because said bad guy was giving you sketchy vibes from the start. Whether due to their demeanour, appearance, or dialogue, there wasn’t much about these characters that didn’t scream “primed to stab you in the back at any moment.”

We covered ten instances of this happening in a video a few months back but you guys had so many suggestions for more video game baddies who seemed bad all along that we had to revisit the topic.

As you’d expect, there are major spoilers ahead so beware.


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