9 Video Game Plot Details EVERYONE Missed

That man has a FAMILY.

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In the wild world of video game creation and subsequent fiction, there are a TON of ways you could deliver a narrative, or story beats in general.

Yes, blockbuster motion capture and yes, dialogue exchanges in general, but one of the best parts of getting lost in a 50-hour AAA title is seeing how every last nook and cranny is filled with items or tidbits that contribute to the wider picture.

In gaming this often gets referred to as "environmental storytelling", the act of something like The Last of Us giving you an entire house filled with photos of a long-deceased family, slowly filling in a background narrative on just what happened to these people before you arrived.

Transplant that back across onto our protagonists or many talked-about titles in general though, and you have all sorts of secrets the vast majority of players might have missed, that are utterly essential.

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