9 Video Game Recastings That Pissed Everyone Off

David Hayter didn't deserve that level of disrespect.

Metal gear solid 4

Good stories are nothing with good characters but there's an important caveat to that: good characters are nothing without the right actors.

Ever since consoles were powerful enough to feature full voice acting it's no wonder that the level of cinematic storytelling has exponentially increased. In the last two decades, characters have been brought to life by a game's voice cast and allowed fans to

However just like film and TV, perhaps even more so, video game voice actors are not immune to being replaced and iconic characters can be recast to a myriad of different responses. Some of these new takes are loved equally or generally regarded as better. Several however can divide or upset entire fan bases.

After all, it can be a real source of confusion and disappointment when a character you love suddenly transforms. Video games, more than any other media, are deeply immersive and hearing a different voice coming out of the mouth of a character fans all thought they knew so well.

This list will be taking a frustrated look at times characters we loved swapped out their voice boxes for something new and, for whatever reason, ended up being the topic of heated debate.

9. Prophet Of Truth - Halo 3

Metal gear solid 4

Halo 2 introduced the San’Shyuum (also known as The Prophets), the figureheads of the series’ mighty alien force. They had been behind the formation of the Covenant, and were guiding their people to trigger the end of the universe. After the deaths of the Prophets of Regret and Mercy, only Truth remained and the promise of chasing him into the franchise’s third instalment was enticing.

Michael Wincott had played the Prophet of Truth as deeply conniving and charismatic. The kind of character that could believably lead the charge of a very misinformed army.

The first time players hear Truth in Halo 3 however is alarming. As his words break out over the sound system of an underground human base, Terrence Stamp’s replacement voice makes the once great leader sound like a rambling old man. Swapping his scheming nature for something more unhinged loses a lot of weight from the role, turning Truth from a believable cult leader into a deranged drunkard.

Whilst Stamp’s voice work is by no means bad, the change brought an out of nowhere turn to his personality that disappointed many gamers who had looked forward to hearing Wincott once more.

Reportedly Michael Wincott chose not to return to the character which ultimately is a shame, and fans can only imagine what his gravitas would’ve brought to the conclusion of the original trilogy.


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