9 Video Game Secrets That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

Not so good with the old Spider-Sense there, Peter.

Spider Man Ps4

If there's one thing we gamers do better than any other fandom, it's scour our beloved titles for secrets, clues and reasons to revisit the experience itself, just to ensure we're getting as much as possible from any given title.

FromSoftware's games in particular steer headlong into this stuff, packing all the Souls games, Bloodborne and Sekiro with a TON of extra story info, hidden weapons - sometimes entire characters and arcs - reserved for the most diehard players.

Hideo Kojima too has been treating Death Stranding like one big murder mystery, except the culprit is the game's plot and narrative drive. (Thankfully, we've already got an explainer for that one if you're still scratching your head).

Regardless, video games and secrets go together like fatalities and Mortal Kombat. There are few things cooler than being the first person to spot some integral foreshadowing or a plot device hiding in the background, and it only results in loving your favourite titles even more.

For the most part when we talk about secrets in games, they tend to be ancillary; optional or otherwise off the beaten path. But a whole ton are right in front of you - it just takes some choice pieces of information to make them known.

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