9 Video Game Sequels That Took Away Your Favourite Character

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When was the last time your expectations for a game sequel were completely wrong? Like just, 100% absolutely ridiculously off-base, and what you ended up with was nothing like the version you had in mind?

It doesn't happen that often, right? Mainly because the closer you get to manipulating an entire marketing campaign, the closer you are to false advertising and fan backlash. Also, people like to know what they're getting into.

Case in point: Characters.

Most of the time with any sequel in gaming, you're signing up to embody a certain character one more time. Maybe the devs are going to expand on a moveset, fill out their backstory, put them in some perilous, morally grey scenario and have you steer them through it.

More than any other medium, we get attached to our characters over time, because we're literally attached to them through the controller.

To mess with that is to play with fire, but for better or worse, the following titles struck that match anyway.

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