9 Video Games That Got Away With Being Total Rip-Offs

What if we told you Angry Birds' gameplay was older than you think?

What is it about popular culture and plagiarism that go hand-in-hand? It€™s become all too common to find out that your favourite book, game or song is in fact a complete rip-off that shamelessly stole someone else€™s idea and somehow turned it into a success along the way. Are there even any original thinkers out there anymore? Probably not if you want to use the world of gaming to lose what little faith in humanity you have left. Ever since the medium€™s humble beginnings in the 1970s, the industry has been all about riffing on established ideas and concepts. Every few years a new game will come along with an amazing new design concept and money-hungry publishers will churn out poorly designed clones in an attempt to capitalise on its success. Sometimes it turns out that even a game that€™s perceived as the originator of the concept actually stole it from another title. As you can tell, plagiarism and game design are a match made in heaven. The following nine games somehow managed to get away with ripping off an existing idea, while their creators presumably twirled their evil moustaches and cackled maniacally all the way to the bank.
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