9 Video Games That Let You Hilariously Troll Other Players

Trust issues? You probably played Dark Souls...


Trolling has been a part of the video game world ever since players started gathering in arcades to destroy each other at Street Fighter. Even today, while a developer can attempt to craft a scripted and structured serious game as much as they like, just about everything is going to be turned upside down by players once they start making their own fun.

Pushing the boundaries to see how much they can get away with, whether it's in competitive online multiplayer or split-screen co-op, players dicking each other over is a tried and tested video game tradition.

Whether it's something as simple as tea-bagging opponents in Call of Duty or pulling off an elaborate heist in EVE: Online, trolling can sometimes be frustrating, but other times it can result in some of the best gaming experiences of a lifetime.

Some developers aren't comfortable with encouraging cheeky behaviour like this, but sometimes it seems as though certain games are designed specifically with trolling in mind. Nabbing kills and getting headshots is all well and good, but these releases are more interested in how much you can screw over other players than getting a high score.

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