9 Video Games That Make Stupid Weapons Awesome

Say hello to my weird, colourful, rancid and ludicrously proportioned little friend.

Resident Evil 5 Egg

Charging through a video game, mowing down wave after wave of faceless grunts, is a sensation that can make anybody feel like a bonafide badass. Whether you’re swinging a broadsword with reckless abandon or relying upon the personal touch of your own two fists, the weapons you use can make all the difference in the sort of gaming experience you want to have.

Developers know this, and will often fill their games with tools of terror that gradually ramp up in scope and lethality. Playing to the nefarious power fantasy within all of us, by the time you stand toe to toe with that big bad chances are you will be armed with an awesome arsenal perfectly curated to show everyone who’s boss.

Not all weapons are created equal, however, and in amongst the razor axes and rocket launchers there sit weapons whose usage is questionable at best, and more often than not frankly bizarre. Gamers dismiss these weapons at their peril, though, as these are the games whose stupid weapons pack the punch beneath the peculiarity.

9. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess - A Fishing Rod

Resident Evil 5 Egg

The Legend of Zelda is a long-running and beloved franchise for gamers the world over, and some of its weapons and items have become iconic within the gaming community as a whole. Whether it be the Hookshot, Fairy Bow, or the Master Sword itself, few of the tools tucked impossibly in that green tunic are anything short of badass.

How strange it is then, to find that one of the most useful items in the game is in fact the humble fishing rod. Originally only used for meager rewards and the occasional empty bottle, the rod truly shines in the game’s epic four-part final battle against plot twist villain (major spoiler for a sixteen-year-old game alert) Ganondorf. In the final phase, whilst going one on one with the King of Thieves, Link can cast a line over his shoulder and Ganondorf will follow the lure, leaving an opening for Link to strike.

In a game of bombs, boomerangs, and even a ball and chain you can chuck at your enemy, nobody was expecting such a simple rod to be the clincher in that final bout. Maybe that’s why Ganondorf finds it so distracting.

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