9 Video Games That Put Insane Effort Into Details Nobody Noticed

Spider-Man on PS4 just got even better.

spider man

It's the finer details that mark out a great game from a good one. Especially in a world where developers are creating huge experiences that players are encouraged to 'live in' for years at a time (in order to keep spending, but let's ignore that cynical aspect for a second), it's the small touches that allow a game to stop feeling artificial and instead, for a moment, appear real.

As graphics continue to get better and devs are given new tools to play around with, new releases constantly find new ways to blow gamers away. Gone are the days where we'd lose our minds because a character's clothes actually got wet when they went in water; now it's all about how their ear cartilage goes see-through when the sun shines on it.

However, while a lot of this added detail is welcome, sometimes you get the impression that the devs might as well have not bothered. We might notice it, because we're the kind of players who scrutinise everything, but for most people these little features will never, ever be appreciated.


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