9 Video Games That Will Leave You A Changed Person

Life changing experiences rarely come so cheap!

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Square Enix

For all the tabloid fueled controversy around video games and whether or not they warp your mind, one thing they can definitely do is give you a definite "woah" moment. You know, that moment where you have just done something and you actually have to step back and marvel at the accomplishment you've just made?

The nature of their interactivity is designed to draw people into a world and allow them to escape from reality for a few hours. When games get it right, they have the power to either make you feel like a god among men or destroy you and leave you a gibbering wreck in the corner of the room.

The best games are the ones that have moments which stick with you for years after. Whether it's sacrificing yourself to save the world (Fallout 3) or crashing two celestial bodies together to save the universe (Dead Space 3), games have gotten particularly good at giving you plenty to talk about. And that's fine; many people can remember brilliant moments from across their gaming history.

But it's a rare thing when a game comes along and provokes such a reaction that you begin to question what constitutes reality and where the line between gaming and true art lies. In the last few generations of gaming there have been some absolutely stellar games that have induced all sorts of different reactions in players, but we've combed through the hazy, drink ruined memories to pull together a list of 10 games that are not only amazing, but that leave you a changed person at their conclusion.

Beware though: there's some massive spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own risk.


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