9 Video Games With Reviews No One Can Agree Upon

Literally everyone is wrong literally all of the time about literally everything.


Online reviews are some of the best ways to figure out whether or not you should play a video game. We've all scoured threads and posts on various social media platforms reading each person's opinion, in order to justify buying a game. Some people turn to review websites for their decisions, others just browse forums where everyday people can post their opinions.

Either way, reviews and recommendations are everything in the gaming world.

Most of us are able to think of at least five games that have been universally agreed upon as either good or bad. Some fine examples include the original Halo trilogy and The Last of Us, while universally bad games include the likes of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the 2006 instalment of Sonic the Hedgehog.

However, there are some games out there with extremely mixed reviews. And using the word "mixed" is an understatement. Even professional review sites are up in the air on certain titles, and the debate is on-going to this day.

Sure, every game has its pros and cons, but let's talk about which games have the gaming world in constant debate over whether or not they're actually worth the time.

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