9 Video Games With Seriously Morbid Background Lore

It's not always sunshine and rainbows.

Toby Fox

As gaming has evolved into a more serious medium, it has welcomed with it more ambitious and expansive uses of world-building and storytelling.

Gone are the days where Mario ran through fiery dungeons, stomped battalions of Goombas and wrestled with colossal dragons for the pure thrill of having an off-screen smooch with a princess, leaving behind some of the best experiences gaming has ever seen.

From Last Of Us and Mass Effect to The Elder Scrolls and God Of War, looking at the narratives of modern video games sees a large shift towards creating deep, investable worlds full of interesting characters and fictional history.

However, this focus on ingrained world-building hasn't always centred around the cute and cuddly.

With developers making lore a bigger part of our collective investment, we've seen more mature and, frankly, horrifying pieces of background history come to the surface.

Whether repulsive experiments inside supposedly safe nuclear warhead shelters or serial killers that stalk children around the halls of pizzerias, there's reams of chilling hidden lore that shines a creepier light on many of your favourite games.

From some titles you'll expect it from to more unassuming ones (Nintendo has one dark sense of humour, let me tell you), here are just a handful of games with seriously morbid background lore.

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