9 Video Games You Didn't Know Were Connected (Commenter's Edition)

When worlds collide.

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One of the most important aspects of any video game is the setting and the world it takes place in. Ever since the era of 8-bit graphics they have been growing in size and been filled to the brim with detail. Outside of the characters that inhabit it or the narratives that weave everything together, the world and its secret are what draws us all in.

And in those worlds, we can find little hints and Easter Eggs that tie them to another game.

Happening in film for decades now, gaming is really starting to ramp up the subtle nods or item placement that leave players wondering if a game's universe is much bigger than they thought.

Have their favourite characters ever teamed up, or are they perhaps actually related?

Now sure, some of these might just be snuck in by developers and a lot of these games listed won't acknowledge these connections bar a little easter egg or a throwaway line of dialogue, but it's still fun to imagine these crossovers taking place in some form or another.

So here are nine more, courtesy of our audience, because sometimes it doesn't hurt to check the comment section.

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