9 Video Games You Didn't Realise Stupidly Broke Their Own Rules

9. Kara Cuts Hair That Doesn't Exist - Detroit: Become Human


The Rule:

Set in a high-tech "inevitable" future, androids cater to our every whim. Cooking, cleaning, taking all the manual labour jobs - they're manufactured to aesthetically be indistinguishable from humans, down to skin tone, hair, eyes etc.

For character Kara's story, she's purchased by an abusive father to help out around the house. After eventually gaining sentience, fighting the man and going on the run, she and child Alice hole themselves up in a motel, where Kara cuts her hair to help go unnoticed.

But Wait...

Android "hair" doesn't exist, and is instead some sort of holographic projection. Even android skin colour changes and disappears, as is shown in both Connor and Markus' storylines when they "mind meld" with NPCs, and when Kara and Alice are reduced to their factory white shell forms at the close of the game.

We literally see Kara "turn off" her skin and hair, despite the earlier scene.

Not to mention, Kara is not remotely unique; she's a factory line produced android for mass consumption. Cutting her hair doesn't detract from her overall appearance being something that tens of thousands of people in this world know and recognise.

Point being, though... just what the hell was Kara cutting?!

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