9 WORST Video Games Of 2020

How could do you get The Avengers SO wrong?!

Crystal Dynamics

At time of writing, 2020 is almost over.

While the year overall has been one hell of a thing, at least in the gaming sphere - for the most part - the medium has continued to release powerhouse title after powerhouse title. Yes, there have been delays *cough* Cyberpunk *splutter* but most major games, and a new set of consoles, largely hit their mark.

Nothing short of miraculous releases like the Final Fantasy VII Remake have finally happened, standing alongside The Last of Us 2, DOOM Eternal, the mighty Ghost of Tsushima and plenty more.

Xbox is also thriving thanks to continually pushing the phenomenal value of Game Pass, and while Halo: Infinite has suffered an indefinite delay, at least both new Series consoles are going down a storm.

With so much positivity, you'd have to try mighty hard to stand out for the wrong reasons. And yet, whenever big business tries to mesh empty money-making formulas with otherwise great ideas, anything can happen.


Yes, we covered the Worst of 2020 (So Far) back in July - check the video here!

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