A "Technical Showcase" - Sony To Unveil The New PS4 NEO In September

A more powerful machine, for a more demanding age.

PS4 neo

Following an earth-shaking exclusive from Giant Bomb who reported back in April that a new PS4 model - codenamed 'NEO' - would house a CPU, GPU and provide more RAM, VICE Gaming have confirmed we will be getting our first look at the highly-anticipated console on September 7th.

The new machine has been the topic of various debates for quite some time now, but according to the source, will be featured at a "technical showcase" in New York City next month.

That said, Sony are yet to confirm or deny in any official capacity, leaving us to speculate on just how different the NEO will be from the current-gen PS4. Will the system get an entirely new form-factor like the Xbox One S? Who knows, all we can expect is something that's all-round more powerful. However, whatever drops is guaranteed to relight the "Which machine is more powerful?" ruckus between PS4 and Xbox One fans all over again.


Whether the PS4 NEO will be the bulk of the upcoming event is still unclear, although I expect we will see some comparison footage between the new and standard consoles.

Maybe, if we all keep our fingers crossed, Insomniac's platform-exclusive Spider-Man will swing by, too.


A man can dream.



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