A WallStreetBets Film Is Already Happening From The Social Network Team

WallStreetBets gets the "Antisocial Network" treatment from The Social Network filmmakers.

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Imagine having spent years exploiting market trends with your hedge fund, and thinking you've found an easy stock to short in GameStop, only to be financially ruined by a disorganised meme coordinated by r/WallStreetBets. Maybe you can't imagine it - you are too busy trying to figure out if investing in a stock named after an internet dog will earn you millions in 2 years.

If that's the case, then do not fret - some of the people who brought you The Social Network might have a film of it for you.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the largest news story of 2021 so far already has film rights, and they've already been bought. The upcoming book proposal for The Antisocial Network, written by Ben Merzich (the author behind The Social Network's novel), has already been acquired for film adaption by MGM.


Not only do they have Merzich on board, but also Michael DeLuca, one of the producers to the David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin classic The Social Network. There's a lot that this might imply - but whatever film we get out it, we can be sure it will have a fascinating dive into the corporate mechanics at play throughout this whole situation - Merzich's speciality.

Alongside the original author and a member of the production team, the upcoming film is being executive produced by the Winklevoss twins and their production company. These two featured as a kind of comic relief in The Social Network - and were the subject of Merzich's 2019 Bitcoin Billionaires novel.


If the Social Network team do unite for this film - it will be quite the story to tell. With some redditors "losing" $13 million in a day, and the real life Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort stepping in to give financial advice, there are certainly a few twists and turns.


I personally can't wait for the final act where they reveal that the hedge fund that tried to short the GME stock also sold off Robinhood user's shares without their consent.

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