A Way Out Review: One Of The Best Stories Of The Generation

Come for the prison break, stay for one of the best endings of the year.

Hazelight Studios

Announced to huge fanfare at E3 2017, Josef Fares' next game following cult hit Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out, promised to be a similarly radical experiment. Where other developers have constantly come up with excuses as to why they can't include split-screen (the answer being greed. The answer is always greed), A Way Out was opting to to tell an entirely split-screen story that requires two people to take on its six-ish hour campaign.

It could have gone terribly wrong, but it's a testament to EA not being the worst company in the world that they continue to occasionally push bold new ideas like this which couldn't have happened without their resources.

But a game can't survive on ideas alone, and although A Way Out has a clearly ambitious concept at the heart of it, if it didn't have the gameplay substance or the narrative originality to expand on these ambitions it would have floundered out the gate.

Fortunately, it boasts both of those things in spades...

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