Activision Vs. Infinity Ward Court Date Delayed

Infinity Ward's court case against Activision will commence May 29th.

Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vincent Zampella will finally take Activision to court on May 29th, after two years of strenuous legal wranglings. An initial trial date of May 7th was eventually pushed back at the request of Activision.

The court case in question will see West and Zampella bringing forth a myriad of damning accusations towards Activision, as well as the The Infinity Ward Group suing Activision for $125 of alleged unpaid bonuses and royalties. Refusing to back down without a fight, Activision have raised a counter-suit requesting $400 worth of damages from EA. The ugly situation has been unfolding since Zampella and West were fired from Activision in 2010, following accusations of the pair having secret meetings with rival company EA.

Despite taking over 40 of Infinity Ward's employees to form a new company named Respawn Entertainment, Zampella and West are still furiously incensed by their prompt dismissal from the mammoth publisher and also look to reclaim the Call of Duty brand and license.

Activision continue to refute any of Zampella and West's claims, instead aiming their sights at EA whom they accuse of not only stealing its employees, but by encouraging treachery within the company by conspiring against Activision. They seek a whopping $400 million from EA in a counter-suit to Infinity Ward's own hefty claims,

Some of West and Zampella's previous claims in the lead up to the case have already been dismissed by a court judge. Described as a "fraudulent-inducement", West and Zampella have argued that Activision made false promises regarding their future with the company, including the freedom to create a new IP after the completion of Modern Warfare 2.


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