All 8 Portal Games RANKED From Worst To Best

Who needs Portal 3 when there are already eight Portal games??

Portal 2 co-op

Portal and Portal 2 are considered some of the best games ever made, and because of this, it makes sense that people want more Portal in their lives.

What if I were to tell you that you could get more Portal in your lives? Just in the form of a bunch of weird spin-offs that are nowhere near as good as the two main games.

Portal only has a perfect track record when you ignore the games outside of the main two. That doesn't mean that every Portal game that isn't Portal or Portal 2 are bad though, there are some Portal games that capture the magic of the original two to some extent and are worth a look if you're craving some Aperture Science goodness.

So let's rank every Portal game: spin-off and main series, so you know what Portal games are worth your time and which ones you should throw into an incinerator.

Also, Moondust won't be included on this list as that's more of a tech demo for developers and press to show off the Knuckles EV2 which haven't even been released to the public yet.

8. Pinball FX2: Portal Pinball

Portal 2 co-op

Whilst this isn't technically a Portal game, it's Portal DLC for a pre-existing pinball game, Pinball FX2, it’s close enough so I’m going to count it.

Portal Pinball allows you to play pinball in the Aperture Science's Enrichment Center which was probably something somebody wanted to do.

The game is about as good as a Portal pinball game could be. The game has a few events to stop pinball from getting boring such as Atlas and P-Body appearing and making you play with two balls instead of one, portals occasionally appear which do exactly what you think they'd do, and you can even go to a smaller pinball board that is found inside the main one - whilst there you can play pinball whilst Turrets look at you, cool... I guess.

Pinball FX2: Portal Pinball also has a little Chell walking around solving puzzles making you wish you were controlling her instead of playing pinball.

The worst thing this game does is constantly repeat Portal quotes. Yeah, they were funny the first time when told in the context of the game they were in, they're not so funny when yelled at you randomly whilst you're playing pinball.

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