All 8 Portal Games RANKED From Worst To Best

6. Aperture Hand Lab

Portal 2 co-op

Created to show off the Valve Index, more specifically its hand-tracking capabilities, Aperture Hand Lab is a free VR game set in the Portal universe.

At most this game will take you ten minutes to play through but those ten minutes have writing on par with the original two Portal games. Aperture Hand Lab feels like coming home, if only for a brief moment.

What do you do in Aperture Hand Lab though? You do hand gestures towards different personality cores and watch their reaction, that's it. If it was a bit longer and featured some more gameplay then it would be much higher on the list as the writing is just that good.

The game may have been built to show off the Valve Index but it also supports the HTC Vive so if you've got one of those or a Valve Index lying around then give this game a shot. If not just watch a playthrough on YouTube, it's one of those games where you won't miss much by watching it instead of playing it.

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