ALL PS2 & PS3 Games Work On PS5, According To Major Turkish Retailer

Will Sony beat Microsoft at its own game?

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According to a now-deleted post, Turkish retailer Hepsiburada claimed that the PS5 will be compatible with PS2 and PS3 releases. Though revised now, there was a paragraph on the marketing poster for Sony's machine (which was translated and picked up on Reddit) which stated one of the next-gen features would be the ability to play titles from across previous generations.

Despite altering the text, the retailer has not issued any clarification as to why it was included in the first place, leading many to wonder whether it was a mistake, or whether the company had jumped the gun and revealed something too soon.

Sony's PS5 live stream is set to reveal the 'future of gaming' this Thursday, so hopefully then we'll know the extent of the publisher's backwards compatibility plans.


Are you hoping Sony implements full backwards compatibility for the PS5? Let us know in the comments!

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