Amazon UK Sell Through Their Initial Stock Of Nintendo Switch

Encouraging news for the house of Mario.

Nintendo Switch

In what has to be seen as good news for Nintendo, are now advising shoppers that they are no longer able to fulfil day-one pre-orders for their new handheld/console hybrid, Nintendo Switch.

While they are still accepting orders for the Grey Joy-Con model (Neon Red and Blue remains unavailable), Amazon UK's product page has a note confirming that their entire allocation has now been sold, so customers will have to wait for their shipment.

Similar news has been reported from GAME, the UK's largest specialist game retailer, with staff members in store advising customers that they are close to a similar situation regarding pre-orders, and confirming that the Switch is much more popular at this point than the unfortunate Wii U was before release.


This has to be seen as encouraging for Nintendo, given them fact that Amazon is one of the most popular shopping destinations, although given that we don't know the size of their initial shipments, it's difficult to tell just how many consoles will be in homes on March 3rd.

Still, after the disappointing performance of the Wii U, Nintendo will be counting on the Switch to prove they still belong in the home console business.


I had a chance to play Nintendo Switch in London recently, and found that it was a very versatile piece of kit, backed up by some very fun game experiences. You can read my full thoughts here.


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