Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 12 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

How to get more iron nuggets, earn loads of bells, and enjoy life.


In about a million different ways, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is so much the game the whole world needs right now, that you almost wonder if that exploitative raccoon Tom Nook didn't maliciously plan it this way.

Escape to an idyllic island paradise to live a life of relative peace and clemency, and meet up with your friends across the archipelago to share in the wholesome harmony. Doesn't that sound like just the virtual tonic to being forcibly stuck indoors for the foreseeable future with no prospect of real social contact?

It absolutely does. And it's so charmingly lovely, it might even be better living there when this horrible crisis is over.

Plenty of you agree: since Friday, Animal Crossing has absolutely flown of the shelves, tripling Doom Eternal's physical sales in the UK. Considering nobody is supposed to leave the house right now, you can only imagine the magnitude of digital uptake.

It's by far the biggest launch in the series' history, then, and naturally that means there are a lot of people coming in new to the franchise. It's a game quite unlike any other however, and there are a number of fairly important things that'll be unfamiliar to neophytes.

One of the great joys of Animal Crossing is learning through experience, but for those just starting out, these tips are invaluable.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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