Apex Legends: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

6. When You Should Give Up Trying To Resurrect Someone

Apex Legends Respawn

A great innovation for the battle royale genre, you can not only revive downed friendlies if you get there fast enough, but also bring a player back from total annihilation if you retrieve their Respawn Token.

On their end though, they'll be relegated to the Spectate screen, and many players take this opportunity to leave you high and dry - even if you're in the midst of a mad sprint to bring them back.

Take heed then, of when the Respawn Beacon logo disappears from your HUD.

This can happen because the Beacons themselves are a one-time use (so another player could have gotten their first), but as they're an active marker towards the edge of your screen, if it disappears then so has your teammate.

You can see who's left in your squad based on the life bars in the bottom left too, but seeing as this is likely the marker you're chasing after, just abandon it if your squad has already done the same.

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