Apex Legends: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

14. You Can Follow The Supply Ship To Get Ahead On Drops

apex legends

That smaller version of the ship you leap from? The one you can see starting to make its run right at the beginning of a match?

That's where your supply drops will come from, and though the map will pinpoint where a drop is going to be if you watch for the pulsating blue circles, keep an eye on the skies and you can factor this into gameplay as you move from place to place.

Better still, drop next to the ship and - although there'll be a ton of likeminded players baying for blood - you can get great gear right off the bat.

Inside Supply Drops are a mix of gold-tier weapons, armour, upgrades for both and one-time shields or revives. They're arguably essential towards the close of a round depending on how much time you've spent hoovering up loot beforehand, and knowing where a drop will be ahead of time makes all the difference.

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