Apex Legends: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

12. Crouch During A Jump To Land With A Boost

Apex Legends

Quickly you'll discover that sliding is about as essential as running, and combining the two results in a sense of momentum and overall locomotion like nothing else. Titanfall players know this already, but in Apex Legends, there are two methods to make a note of when you're on the move:

On the ground: Sprint and click the left stick to move into a slide at any time, then click again at the height of your momentum to come out into a full sprint. You can hold Y/triangle to holster your weapon and sprint even faster, but alternating running and sliding makes you incredibly hard to hit (and is just plain fun).

Also, know that going into a slide on any vertical surface results in a major boost when you land. If you want to descend down any cliff face or hill, JUMP into your slide and you'll be moving fast in no time. This notion of sliding faster on hills is covered in the tutorial, but hit the left stick in mid-air and you'll arrive at your destination even faster.

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