Assassin's Creed: Empire - 9 Settings That Would Be Way Better Than Ancient Egypt

Admit it, Empire's supposed era was nobody's first choice.


In case you didn't notice, Assassin's Creed has been taking an extended leave of absence this year. For better or for worse, it's hard to deny the significance.

Since 2009, the AC franchise has been a yearly event, tantamount to - though not nearly as successful - as other gaming mainstays such as Call of Duty and FIFA.

By 2015, this annual approach had taken its toll on the series. Even though Syndicate managed to answer virtually everyone's problems with Unity by delivering a superb tale set during Victorian London, the reputation of its immediate predecessor harmed sales significantly. Ouch.

Unsurprisingly then, Ubisoft have ditched the yearly release schedule altogether; supposedly to reboot the franchise with an Ancient Egyptian makeover. The inherent ambiguity of the era would certainly aid Ubi in their attempts to craft a title unburdened by latter day historical constraints, that much is true, but can we honestly say that this is the setting fans have been asking for, time and time again?

Perhaps, but there are still plenty of locales and settings gamers are fervently awaiting the franchise to head towards. And though some of the best may have been squandered by uninspired attempts to ape the superb Mark of the Ninja, (cheers for that, Chronicles) who's to say that they each don't have a triple-A laden future ahead?

It's important that we do away with the Euro-centric modernity of the past five titles, but maybe, just maybe, Ancient History isn't the best place to start. Figuratively speaking of course.

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