Assassin’s Creed Origins: 10 Things Ubisoft Must Learn From Other Open-World Games

Fallout, Horizon, Dragon Age - which features should make their way across?


Many people were ecstatic to find out that Assassin's Creed was taking a year out of its yearly release schedule, and whilst it is a testament to the state of the series, hopefully this outlines a more careful attitude towards releases from Ubisoft.

Perhaps they are learning from their mistakes, and not just churning out a delayed version of the usual game?

With that said - and with one gameplay video under our belt - instead of reflecting simply upon their own mistakes, Ubisoft needs to look the vast world of other open world games and learn how to get it just right.

Despite being the open world game that defined a lot of the mechanics that other titles would copy, Assassin's Creed always seemed to stagnate without innovating. That's where other game's picked up the slack. There are a vast plethora of open-world games that have refined the core aspects and mentalities Ubisoft once heralded, making them even better.

Notebooks out and pay careful attention, because these are the games that took the open-world genre and made them great through simple and supremely effective tweaks.

Now, with a little luck, it's time for Assassin's Creed to do the same once again...


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