Assassin's Creed 3: 6 Reasons To Buy It Instead Of Black Ops 2

6. Call of Duty Has Barely Changed In Five Years

Over the last couple of years Call of Duty has gone stale, becoming a disjointed mess with a nonsensical, far-fetched plot (I€™m looking in your direction Modern Warfare 2 and 3). It began so well with the utterly superb Modern Warfare, followed up a year later by my personal favourite, World at War, taking you back to the game€™s WWII roots. But it all became unstuck when I found myself fighting off invading Russian soldiers in a Virginian suburb from the roof of a fast food restaurant in Modern Warfare 2. The settings and stories might have changed but almost everything else has remained the same; the game-play, the tactics, the guns, everything. It€™s become all too familiar and far too cinematic. I€™m going to hazard a guess that Black Ops 2 will inevitably feature the same fast-paced no-time-to-catch-your-breath unrelenting action the series has had since 2007. Some might argue why change such a efficient formula but I want more than simply pressing €˜B€™ and watching as my character sneaks up on someone, chokes him out then stabs him in the throat while I€™m left wondering when I€™ll get a go before another cut-scene interferes my enjoyment. Meanwhile, Assassin€™s Creed has gone consistently from strength to strength every year, adding new and exciting features and new settings. 2010€™s Brotherhood fixed the problem of repetitiveness, upgraded the multiplayer and added a new management system allowing you to could call upon recruits for help and send them on missions across Europe. It was fun being a boss. And this year, the new instalment has been totally rebuilt from the ground up with everything tweaked and improved making for more natural and fluid game-play.

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