Assassin's Creed 4: 10 Things We Want To See

With the dust now settling from the release of the third full Assassin's Creed title, already we're looking ahead to what's in store for the fate of the time spanning action adventure series. With three unique historical periods already fully explored (although I imagine we'll be seeing more from Revolutionary America before we're fully ready to move on), the question arises: what happens next As it stands, Desmond's life is in the balance although you'd be a fool to think he's possessed his last ancestor just yet. No, it's already been confirmed that Ubisoft are straight back to the drawing board; it looks like the franchise hasn't even begun to approach its final hour in the sun. So, just what do we want from a fourth title? Well, that's what I'm musing over today. So, without much more intro chatter from me, let's get to it shall we?

10. Co-Op Campaign

Everything about Assassin's Creed screams singleplayer, which is why it was so surprising when competitive online multiplayer was introduced to the series in AC: Brotherhood. If you ask me, the only logical next step is the inclusion of Co-Op gameplay. You might think this sounds like a pipe dream, but according to several sources online, Ubisoft recently sent out a consumer survey asking what fans wanted to see from AC 4 and one of the things that was requested most of all was the inclusion of a co-op campaign. They're now reportedly considering the possibility. Which is good news! Competitive multiplayer added whole new dimensions to the series and I can only image that the inclusion of co-op would do so yet again. And what could be more fun than slicing and dicing your way around a historical setting with a buddy in tow?

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