Assassin's Creed: Ranking All The Assassins From Worst To Best

Sorry Connor, but Edward and Haytham just did it much better than you.

Assassin's Creed characters

With the announcement that Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will be hitting our shores later this year, it's about time we took stock of those brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood that have come before.

Assassins have always stood for freedom and liberty for those so rarely given either, and have been locked in a war against their power, order and control-obsessed Templar foes for thousands of years of history.

Ever since the first game in the series, there has been a strict code of conduct that every true Assassin must follow, including not killing innocents, not drawing attention to themselves and not betraying the Brotherhood.

On top of that, the age-old belief that 'Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted' has been boggling the minds of Brotherhood members ever since Al Mualim first dished it out in the very first game.

Being the main character in an Assassin's Creed game is so much more than just reciting rules and holding your beliefs though.

Depth, development and an interesting arc are obviously vital to creating a great Assassin, as is an undeniably cool look and badass assortment of weaponry. Here's our take on all eleven Assassins from the major instalments in the franchise, and where we think they stack up in the rankings.

11. Arno Victor Dorian

Assassin's Creed characters

Being the main protagonist and playable character in the worst entry to a video game franchise is never a good position to find yourself in, but it's sadly exactly the situation for Arno Victor Dorian.

Assassin's Creed Unity is a fairly infamous title amongst fans of the series, with it perhaps standing as a shining example of how to royally screw up a launch. The game was riddled with bugs when it was released, and was laughed off before it really got a chance to get going. This was a real shame because, underneath all of its flaws, there was the potential of really nailing a more softer, sombre tone.

In comparison to Black Flag that came before it, Unity is a real tragic tale, with Arno at the very heart of it. His arc kicks off with some nice continuity with the revelation that Shay Cormac (the Templar protagonist from AC: Rogue) killed his Assassin father. The losses continue to mount up with his fellow Assassin, Pierre Bellec, and love interest, Elise, dying before the game ends.

Arno's story could have really fitted in well with the loss and uncertainty rife during Unity's French Revolution setting, but unfortunately everything about the game, including this Assassin's development, just felt unfinished.


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