Avengers DLC: Ranking Every UPCOMING Character Worst To Best

17. Spider-Man

Marvel Comics

Look, Spider-Man is easily one of, if not the most recognisable Marvel characters to date. The character features heavily in almost every major crossover event in the comics in some degree, and has featured in more films in the past twenty years than Iron Man or The Hulk. His addition to Marvel's Avengers is great news for fans, but only if you own a PlayStation.

The fact that Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive has had a lot of debate around it regarding if it's poor practice by the developers. Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, you have to admit that it is a little bit disappointing that Xbox and PC players are going to miss out.

The fact that Spidey won't feature on the other versions of the game also means his inclusion can't have a massive impact on the story, and will likely feel tacked on.

Despite this, it's still exciting to think we'll be getting a new version of Spider-Man to accompany The Avengers. With such a well established universe already, The Avengers may already be quite well acquainted with the wall crawler.


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