BAFTA 2012 Video Game Winners Announced

Portal 2 and Batman: Arkham City are the big winners this year.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts or BAFTA have announced their video game awards for 2011 and Portal 2 and Batman: Arkham City are the big winners. Portal 2 took home the game of the year award, while Batman: Arkham City took was awarded action game of the year. Both games won multiple awards with Portal 2 also taking awards home for design and best story. Batman: Arkham City won the best performer through Mark Hamill's amazing portrayal of the Joker. Like most video game awards ceremonies BAFTA does have a few issues. Uncharted 3 not even being up for game of the year or how can Portal 2 win best video game overall and lose best action game to Batman: Arkham City? Not to mention that as much as I liked Portal 2 I thought the single player campaign was somewhat flawed compared to the original Portal. For example in the original Portal game I usually just messed around in each room until I figured out what to do; in Portal 2 you are generally very limited where you can shoot your portal gun so it becomes not really a puzzle game but find the exact spot in the entire area where you need to put a portal. Now I will say that Portal 2 still had the best writing of any video game released last year, Wheatley being one of my new favorite video game characters. Some of the other winners LA Noire for best original music and Kinect Sports 2 for Sports/Fitness game of the year; which again is weird because FIFA 2012 was up for game of the year, shouldn't that mean FIFA 2012 is the best sports game of the year? You can see a full list of the winners by going to the official website of BAFTA.

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