BAFTA Games 2013: Overview Of The Night's Events And Winners

Bafta Last night was the British Academy Games Awards, hosted by the brilliant Dara O'Briain, who once again brought his wonderful and hilarious comedy for the fifth time. The night included a huge array of games from independent to AAA titles, which was refreshing to see when the BAFTA awards are often criticised for having a very narrow view on the titles nominated each year. Some of the games to look out for going into the night were, Journey, The Walking Dead and Far Cry 3, who had all received a number of nominations this year. The ceremony opens with a surprisingly ardent O'Briain on his recent interviews on video game violence, as the man who has now become somewhat of a figure head for the industry in recent years due to his work and his feelings towards the industries excitement for creating origin stories of our favourite characters. O'Briain begins his imitation of a young Italian plumber coming to terms with having to murder a small turtle for the first time.

Best Debut Game

The Unfinished Swan

The first award of the evening begins with Matthew Horne (Gavin & Stacey) taking to the stage to grant the award for the best debut game. One of the most important awards for some of the nominees, as this is not only the debut of their games but also the debut of their company in the industry. The Nominations Forza Horizon The Unfinished Swan Dear Esther The Room Deadlight Proteus Winner The Unfinished Swan A first person adventure game that trades in guns for paint brushes, an incredibly innovative game but may seem like an under dog in the category as the award came with some surprise, namely due to its mixed reviews attained on release.

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