Batman Arkham: 10 Boss Fights That Blew Us Away

Who is Batman's greatest in-game foe?

Batman Arkham City Mr Freeze

The Batman Arkham series has been running for over a decade, becoming a very notable franchise in Warner Brothers' gaming output. It has a huge, passionate fanbase always clamouring for the next instalment.

A massive reason for the success of the series is because of its highly memorable boss battles. Rocksteady and WB Games Montreal have both taken classic Batman villains and turned them into formidable video game enemies - many now sitting in the hall of fame for best boss fights in gaming history.

Batman, and you, are required to be methodical throughout the entire fight each time. You can't hesitate for one second, and you must pay total attention to discover the secret for each villain. You must put yourself in Batman's mind and approach conflict the way you think he would, rather than storming into the fight without a second thought.

These fights test every facet of Batman's character: his strength, his speed, his endurance, his technology, his intelligence, and his morality.

He always perseveres, of course, but he's only able to do so through the actions of the player. This makes gamers feel very confident and accomplished, as they take down the worst of the worst, one by one.

10. Copperhead - Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham City Mr Freeze
Warner Bros

Copperhead is one of the many assassins gathered to collect the bounty placed on Batman's head in Arkham Origins, and her boss fight is one of the most memorable.

At the beginning, she catches Batman by surprise and infects him with a deadly hallucinogen that causes him to see a multitude of clones, increasing more and more as the toxin sinks deeper into his veins.

Batman, and the player, can easily get confused and overwhelmed by the horde of Copperhead doubles converging around him, ready to kill him. All of them are able to hurt you, but you can only hurt one of them. You have to have a keen eye, or you'll be wasting your time fighting enemies that just absorb all of your attacks.

Copperhead was nearly able to kill Batman, a credit most villains can't claim. This battle provides a unique kind of combat not seen elsewhere in the game, and is tense in a narrative context as well because of how close Batman is to dying in the middle of this fight.


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