Batman: Arkham 2017 - 8 Leaked Details You're Not Supposed To Know

Would you play a Batman game without Batman?

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Whilst Rocksteady have hung up the Arkham Series and will no longer be working on the franchise, it does not spell the end of Batman’s ventures into the video game world. Instead, Warner Bros. Montreal have been the subject of a recent leak pertaining to a whole host of information regarding a possible Arkham game, set to be released in 2017.

Whilst not as well known as franchise-starters Rocksteady, WB Montreal are the developers of the somewhat divisive Arkham Origins, and are said to be heading up this next Batman title, alongside another, separate superhero project. There is a lot of speculation of the specifics, but the recent leaks shed light on many future details such as a potential story, characters and even gameplay features.

While it’s important to remember that nothing is set in stone, and even the leak could be way of the mark, it’s still exciting to think that the story of Batman is not over, and the Arkham series will continue - especially after the somewhat sour Arkham Knight.

With that, here are eight leaked details you need to know in regards to Arkham 2017, and we can speculate on the next venture of the Caped Crusader in the comments below!


8. A Populated Gotham

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One of the major points that ruin the immersion of some Arkham games is that their worlds feel so desolate and empty, populated only by goons and psychotic criminal’s hell bent on being the bane of Batman’s existence. It made some sense in Asylum and City, as those places were relegated to being homes for the criminals, but Origins and Knight pushed the boundaries of realism, only to have the entirety of Gotham empty again.

To remedy that, the rumoured 2017 title seems to have noted these criticisms and appears to be improving greatly on them. With their world being both bigger and having a heavy emphasis on the populace of normal citizens. The leak was particularly specific about the fact of the world being populated by civilians. Could we be looking at a similar idea to Spider-Man 2 for PS2, where you would interrupt random crimes across the city or, erm, get children's balloons back as a gesture of goodwill?

Nevertheless, an Arkham game with real levity and danger, with the risk of civilian damages if you aren’t careful enough, could be interesting. It would certainly give the villains of the story a new angle to get at the new protagonist of the game, instead of just robbing stuff.

Speaking of the new protagonist…


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