Batman: Arkham Asylum - 10 Coolest Easter Eggs, Secrets And References Explained

Rocksteady's first Batman game took environmental storytelling to a whole new level.

Batman Arkham Asylum Jason Todd

Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum turned ten-years-old last year, but that hasn't taken anything off its shine. The first entry in the studio's Arkham Trilogy is considered one of the finest and most influential games of the last console generation, blending together action, stealth and gorgeous visuals to create the definitive Batman experience in video games.

Undoubtedly one of Rocksteady's best skills is environmental storytelling. Rather than pursue an adaptation of Batman as he was in the comics or a given film series, the studio elected to provide their own take on the character, sort of how Bruce Timm and co. had done years prior on Batman: The Animated Series. Rocksteady even nabbed one of the show's writers, Paul Dini, to write Asylum's script, with Batman and Joker voice actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill also returning.

Creating a new interpretation of any comic is a tricky thing to get right, but Rocksteady managed to nail the landing. Yes, the game may have been set entirely on Arkham Island, but the use of easter eggs, riddles and other references fleshed out the world in great detail. It felt lived in - it felt like an Arkhamverse.

But which easter eggs were the best? There are some seriously cool secrets in Asylum that Arkham fans will be aware of, but some that they may have missed too...

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