Batman: Arkham Asylum vs Arkham City, Which Game Is Better?

Both are visually stunning and outstanding games to play and enjoy but just which one is the best? Let’s find out...

There€™s just something about Batman. The DC character captivates, excites and moves us without comparison in this era where he dominates the box office, animation and more and more; gaming. Rocksteady€™s Batman game series is the most decorated comic book video game series of all time and, without compare, the best. However debate continues over which of the two games released is the strongest of the outfit; the surprise package, tightly honed, Poison Ivy in tiny clothes filled Arkham Asylum? Or the open world, expansive game noir and Talia Al Ghul€™s behind featuring in Arkham City? Both are visually stunning and outstanding games to play and enjoy but just which one is the best? Let€™s find out...


Arkham Asylum Sees a focus on stealthy, ninja like action, hi-tech detective work and gadgets, Batman: Arkham Asylum opened up a new world of gameplay; making it intelligent, mysterious and interesting as well as action filled and kinetic. However the rather small playable world hinders the enjoyment taken from the game the further it progresses; as the completion of rooms of villains becomes quickly formulaic and easy to master. Where the introduction of a need for stealth whilst you scout the environment and guards is a captivating way of playing through the game to begin with; that quickly changes as the constant indoor settings meaning this can become dull and easy to achieve as it continues. The boss missions are always different and the slight addition of new technology, like timed bombs on the gargoyles, help keep it slightly more interesting but the core of the games action gameplay is very formulaic and it hinders Arkham Asylum. Gameplay Rating: 4/5Arkham City Arkham City keeps the core principles of Arkham Asylum in terms of stealth, combos and the use of gadgets but surpasses its predecessor through its much larger and more varied open world. Balancing outdoor environments and indoor ones helps keep this game more stimulating than Asylum as it€™s very rarely that you need to do identical tasks to progress. The varied and outstandingly detailed City environment gives both more difficult stealth exercises to get in to buildings you need to progress in as well as more expansive; out and out dust ups in the streets. The new option of wild, outdoor fighting allows you to swoop in to areas, attack, grapple, attack again, rush and escape with a quickly placed smoke pellet; rather than just twiddle around a few gargoyles. The more exciting gadgets featured on Batman and the villains help add to the excitement; motion mines, sniper rifles, grenades and more really push you and make this game a more stimulating game to play through the majority of its gameplay. Gameplay Rating: 5/5

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