Batman: Arkham City - 10 Coolest Easter Eggs, Secrets And References Explained

9. Scarecrow's Secret Messages

Batman Arkham City Scarecrow Boat
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Despite not physically appearing in Arkham City, Rocksteady made sure not to leave Scarecrow off the guest list. The last players saw Doctor Crane he'd been mangled to pieces by Killer Croc, but a possible ending for Asylum showed that he'd survived, and had latched onto Doctor Young's Titan formula.

Although Rocksteady elected not to factor Titan into Scarecrow's schemes, he does have a sneaky part to play in Arkham City. The Dark Knight's creepiest adversary leaves behind all sorts of cryptic and threatening messages for the player to uncover whilst surfing the airwaves on the cryptographic sequencer, and you can even find his mask on the top of the bridge connecting the Industrial District to Amusement Mile.

By far the biggest Scarecrow easter egg in Arkham City however is his secret hideout. Travel to a boat just outside the Industrial District and input a specific code on the cryptographic sequencer, and you'll be able to open up a hatch. Venture into the boat, and you'll find one of Joker's henchmen - Roach - tied to a chair, surrounded by bugs illuminated by UV light. Walk closer, and he'll spring to life before dying.

This easter egg was especially cool, even if it didn't take long to discover after the game released. It shows how Crane was testing his new fear toxin, and - when taken with Azrael's various apocalyptic prophecies - acts as a terrible omen of what was to come.

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