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This week on Gaming Merch, I'll be taking a look at the newly released Arkham City Collector’s Edition.

This week on Gaming Merch, I'll be taking a look at the newly released Arkham City Collector€™s Edition. To get us started let€™s take a look at what is arguably one of the biggest draws to the collector€™s edition of the game, the figure. Created by Kotobukiya, the figure is nicely detailed in black, white, and shades of grey. It features Batman in a crouched position, looking classically determined, with his cape wrapping around the back and sides of the base. In a small draw underneath the figure you find a copy of the Batman Gotham Knight animated movie, which consists of six chapters of Batman fighting various villains. One of the biggest draws for me, aside from the figure, was the art book, and much like the figure it did not disappoint. It is found behind the backdrop of the figure and features everything from character artwork, to weapon concept work, in game propaganda, and area concept work. The collector€™s edition is not without fault however. There are a few minor things that mar the overall feeling for it. Firstly the stand which houses the figure does not stand up on its own, instead it opens at the sides, but this is a minor thing. Two aspects that I found disappointing were that the soundtrack is a download code, and consists of inspired tracks by bands rather than the in game music. The second thing I disliked was that rather than giving you an actual game case the game itself is found in the back of the art book. As I said these are minor things. Overall it is a good collector€™s edition, while not one of the best it is sure to be a hit with Batman fans. Arkham City is out today, October 21st, in the UK. Want to suggest a piece of Gaming Merch? Just leave suggestions in the comments.
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