Batman Arkham City Sequel To Feature Justice League?

There’s news, there’s exciting news, there’s joyous news and then there’s this.

Oh my good lord. There€™s news, there€™s exciting news, there€™s joyous news and then there€™s this: Variety reports that plans for a follow up to last year€™s unbelievably successful Batman: Arkham City (both in terms of critical acclaim and sales) are already in full motion. Not only that but Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have issued a proposal to the developers at Rocksteady that urges them to feature the Justice League within the game, at least in some capacity. Speculation indicated that Warner Bros. are keen to raise the already fairly high awareness bar of the iconic super team, nicely in time for their potential release of a Justice League movie at some point in the nearish future. The new game is supposedly a prequel to the story put forth in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and follows Batman as he meets The Joker for the first time. If I remember my comic book lore correctly, that€™d be the storyline in Batman #1 in which Joker appears on Gotham€™s TV€™s and Radios announcing that his intentions to kill important political figures at specific times. Although if this is the story they€™re going with I imagine they€™ll be upping the production value and bringing the Bat-décor firmly into the modern age of the mythology. Sources seem to indicate that that this new Arkham title will also be heavily influenced by the €œSilver Age€ of comic books which spanned from around the late 50€™s to the early 70€™s (that€™s blue Batman people). Of course who knows exactly when this will be upon us, Rocksteady probably still aren't sure themselves, but it's said that they may be looking for an early 2014 release. But do check back with us because we€™ll most definitely be keeping our Bat-eyes on this one.
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