Batman Arkham: Court Of Owls - 10 Villains That MUST Appear

Just please, not the Joker AGAIN.

Warner Bros.

Batman Arkham: Court Of Owls is the rumoured follow up to Warner Bros Montreal’s Batman Arkham: Origins. The flames of this rumour were fanned recently by some mysterious artwork, which Eddie Mendoza uploaded to his ArtStation portfolio before quickly deleting them.

The images featured Batman fighting off Talons, the assassins from Court Of Owls. Mendoza claims the images were just drawn for fun, but the suspiciously short time they were up for has set the rumour mill in motion.

We’re four games into the Batman Arkham series now, with three main series games and Origins as a prequel/spin off. Though the game was perhaps not up to the standard of the other three, it was still a pretty good game in its own right, and hopefully a sequel should iron out the kinks. If Court Of Owls is indeed more than a rumour, odds are it will take place some time between Origins and Asylum.

With that in mind, there’s a whole scope of villains to be included. Some have featured previously but can still offer fresh surprises, while other great villains haven’t featured at all yet. To balance newcomers and returning stars, the list is split 50/50 between those two camps.


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