Batman: Arkham Insurgency - 15 Leaked Details You're Not Supposed To Know

15. It's A Prequel, Takes Place Three Years After Origins

batman arkham origins

Being Bruce was in a pretty bad state at the close of Rocksteady's games (either 'dead' as Wayne Manor blew up, infected by Joker's memory if you played Arkham VR or slowly giving up the mantle regardless), the only logical place to go, is into the past.

As such - and in-keeping with the prequel-based story possibilities presented in 'Origins' - we'll once again be delving into Batman's history before the main trilogy. To be fair, there's quite a bit of time to play with before we even get to the events of Arkham Asylum or City, being Origins took place in Bruce's second year as Batman, and the other main entries happened across his 11th and 12th years.

That substantial gap allows WB Montreal to fill it with all sorts of character-building and introductions, restoring a version of Bruce that's perhaps not as brazen or one track-minded as that of City, and elaborating on every aspect of him building Batman as a force in Gotham.

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