Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Coolest Easter Eggs, Secrets And References Explained

Rocksteady's most recent Batman: Arkham title included some of the series' best secrets.

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight turns six years old this summer, and that might just be the most terrifying thing I've ever included in an opening sentence for one of these lists.

Rocksteady's divisive third entry in their beloved Batman: Arkham trilogy drew plaudits for its incredible presentation and the many flourishes added to the series' peerless free-flow combat system, but was criticised for an abundance of poorly conceived Batmobile segments and some controversial narrative choices.

Despite its flaws, however, Arkham Knight can still easily be considered one of the greats of the last console generation, and a fine testament to Rocksteady's talents. One thing that no one can deny either is the game's attention to detail; just like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City before it, Rocksteady made sure to include a Scrooge McDuck-sized vault of secrets, Easter eggs and references in Arkham Knight, with the game also boasting the biggest map in the entire series to date.

Rocksteady's recreation of Gotham is filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies for dedicated Bat-fans to uncover, whether as a part of the game's Riddler side quests, time-specific events or just random details in the background of the environment. Here are the coolest of the lot.

10. Red Hood Totally Killed Killer Moth

Batman Arkham Knight
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Arkham Knight's bombshell ending left a lot of pieces for the rest of the Bat Family to pick up - one of them being the return of Jason Todd.

Towards the end of the second act Jason, the former Robin, is revealed to be the eponymous Arkham Knight, having survived his deathly encounter with the Joker only to be tortured in his image a la Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Things get a little more traditional from then on in however, with Todd adopting the mantle of the Red Hood and bringing his own, gun-toting brand of vigilante justice to the streets of Gotham, just as he did in the comics.

Jason's burgeoning days as Red Hood play out in Knight's first story pack, which serves as one of many epilogues Rocksteady developed to expand upon the game's finale. Here, just like in Jason's original return in the comics, he's going up against Black Mask, but it turns out Roman Sionis wasn't the first name on his hit list.

In the first stealth section of the DLC, one of Black Mask's thugs remarks how Red Hood had actually killed Killer Moth. Clearly Jason was working his way up to the big leagues, but still, it's pretty sad to learn of Moth's death, given it means his chances of appearing in Rocksteady's Suicide Squad are now effectively zilch.

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