Batman: Arkham Knight - 7 Past Franchise Mistakes It Needs To Avoid

Where do Rocksteady go for the big finale?

Batman: Arkham Asylum blew both fans and casual gamers away by not only presenting an amazing game, but also revolutionising the superhero genre and proving that a solid title could be produced within it. It wasn't just the engaging story, but also the realistic combat and stealth systems that put players in the mind of one of the greatest superheroes ever created. In a lot of ways, it held the same impact as Batman Begins. The critical and commercial success set up the game's developers, RockSteady, for a surefire sequel which came in 2011 as Batman: Arkham City. Both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison have been shutdown, their prisoners relocated to a mass containment camp called Arkham City. So many great changes were done to make the game feel like a worthy successor, such as the ability to use gadgets in combat and more takedown options during predator. Yet for all its advances, Arkham City did lack a certain spark that Asylum had previously possessed. While some can attribute this solely to the initial power the first game hit us with via its allure, analysing the two games showcases that RockSteady did make some negative choices during the development of City. We can only hope RockSteady noticed them too, and are going in a more nostalgic direction with Arkham Knight.

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