Batman: Arkham Knight - 8 Reasons It Should End The Franchise

Because we all saw what happened when Warner Bros. Montreal attempted a random cash-in last year...

Sometimes one of the most amicable traits a creator of any entertainment property can show is restraint. Hell, just look at how perfectly Vince Gilligan knew how to handle Breaking Bad, as oppose to what remains of something like The Simpsons in 2014 being every possible plot thread has been pulled at until there's nothing left. Rounding this back to the Arkham series though, and the lesser gaming news-focussed among you might not know that Arkham Knight is said to be the last iteration in the series by original developer Rocksteady, instead it's still up in the air if Arkham Origins' developer Warner Bros. Montreal are going to be handed the keys to the Batmobile once again or not. Remember what happened to Crash Bandicoot when Naughty Dog left to pursue Jak and Daxter? Exactly - he was bandied about between a handful of developers including Eurocom and Radical Entertainment, eventually ending up in some Hangover-esque morning-after state of bad haircuts and questionable tattoos once they were through.
Now of course the only deviation away from the initial keepers of Arkham was the aforementioned Origins, and although the term 'phoning it in' has come embody that game, it was still enjoyable in the same way Assassin's Creed III and Revelations were i.e. the gameplay mechanics are still fun enough, but the games themselves provided nothing new or progressive overall. All that being said, Arkham Knight's full gameplay-unveil at the Sony Press Conference last week was still by all means suitably mouthwatering, but if we're honest the series is encroaching on that Assassin's Creed feeling of "...urgh okay you got me... but just for one more!" which isn't a healthy mentality to have towards a series that has had two out of three entries being some of the best games of all time.
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